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Relating to Believers

In this week’s message we will be continuing in Colossians.  Our scripture passage will be from Colossians 3.12-17.  In this passage of scripture we will see Paul continue to instruct his readers in ways we should relate to each other once we become believers in Christ.  In particular he is talking to them about how …

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August Newsletter

The August newsletter is here.

Music for Sunday 7/29/12

In contrast to last week, this week I knew right away a song I wanted to use: Before the Throne of God Above.  While this hymn’s text is partly taken from Hebrews 4:14-16, other parts are from  Sunday’s passage in Colossians. Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, …

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Change, Change, Change

This week’s scripture passage for Sunday will be Colossians 3.1-11. As we look into this passage we will be considering the change that takes place in us when we place our trust and faith in Jesus Christ. This will also begin a short series within a series as we deal with relationships over the next …

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Welcome to the new blog spot of Haran Baptist Church. Periodically we will post comments, thoughts, devotions and even sometimes recommendations. Some of these will be related to the upcoming message, some will be related to current events and some will be general observations. We will leave the comments open to start with hoping that …

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Music for Sunday 7/22

Sometimes, when I’m planning a service and I look at the Scripture for that day, I’ll immediately have all kinds of ideas for appropriate music.  Other times, I’m momentarily stumped.  That was the case when I first started work on this week’s service, which will focus on Colossians 2:16-23.  Nothing immediately sprang to mind…there just …

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