Blessing Bags

Women on Mission will continue filling Blessing Bags this fall.  As cooler weather approaches, I would like to continue our collection of items to fill our blessing bags.  Some of you have committed to purchasing articles for our bags and have brought them to the church.  Thank you for that.  There is a basket outside the church office and a container in the foyer.  Remember we would like to fill at least 50 bags.  To prevent duplication and to ensure we receive a variety of items, we have placed a form on the bulletin board by the library for you to select the item or items you would like to donate.  This will let us know how many of each item we can expect and what we will need to complete our bags.  You may select one or more items off the board or select some of the items below and place them in the designated areas.

As the temperatures get colder our blessing bags will be much needed for those out in the elements. I am also asking that these items be brought in by Sunday, October 18. At that time, we will assemble the bags and have them ready for you to take and pass out to those in need. If you have questions, please contact Mary Etta Summerville. Thank you for your continued support.

Women on Mission
Mary Etta Summerville

Blessing Bag items needed:

Band-aids Soap Gloves
Toothbrushes & toothpaste Lotion (small bottles) Hand warmers
Combs Chapstick Toe warmers
Wet Ones packages Rain poncho Gum
Washcloths Small flashlights Crackers (peanut butter, cheese)
Mini tissue packs Stocking caps Mints or hard candy
Shampoo (small bottles) Socks


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