Christ and Our Relationships at Home

This week our scripture passage comes from Colossians 3.18-4.1.  In this passage of scripture Paul addresses the relationships within the home as he continues to teach on how to relate to one another as a new creation in Christ.  Some would argue that the verses on slavery do not belong within the context of the home, but Paul is clearly writing about those slaves within the homes.  Not that Paul is endorsing slavery, rather he is addressing those who find themselves in that situation.

Our new faith in Christ no doubt has an impact on every aspect of our lives.  Our homes are no different.  In fact, our faith in Christ should impact our homes more than any other place.  We spend more time at home and with those in our homes than we do anywhere else (at least we should).  I do recognize that more and more our jobs and responsibilities keep us away from home, but this is even more reason to be Christ-like in our homes and let His love rule in our hearts and relationships.  If we are spending less time at home than generations past, who would want to spend those times in turmoil and strife?  The other aspect of this is that our home life affects all other aspects of our lives.  When things at home are out of order, this often bleeds over into other areas of our life.  As we seek to grow in our faith and know Christ more let us be a people that seek to live out our faith in love, especially in our homes.

P. Mike

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