Relating to Believers

In this week’s message we will be continuing in Colossians.  Our scripture passage will be from Colossians 3.12-17.  In this passage of scripture we will see Paul continue to instruct his readers in ways we should relate to each other once we become believers in Christ.  In particular he is talking to them about how to relate to other believers within the church setting.  We know that relationships in general can be tough to handle and the relationships that we have with others within the church community are no different.  However when we put on the new clothes of Christ and become this new creation in Him (as we talked about last week) we should learn to deal with others in a more Christ-like way…especially within the church setting.  This Sunday we will look at some of the ways that Paul says we should engage others within the church as we allow Christ to rule in our lives.  I hope that you will join us as we continue this journey through Colossians and seek out how our faith should impact our lives in real and practical ways.

P. Mike

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