Change, Change, Change

This week’s scripture passage for Sunday will be Colossians 3.1-11. As we look into this passage we will be considering the change that takes place in us when we place our trust and faith in Jesus Christ. This will also begin a short series within a series as we deal with relationships over the next few weeks. Of course we all know that the most important relationship is our relationship with Jesus Christ. Only when we get that relationship right will we then be able to get the other relationships in our life right, including the one with our self.

Is there a dramatic way that you have seen your life change since you came to faith in Christ? How has your faith changed your relationships? How do you think God can use you and the changes in your own life to impact others for His glory and Kingdom? These are all questions we should ask ourselves and consider…I would love to hear what’s on your mind concerning how your life has been radically changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

P. Mike

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