He is Risen!!

This Sunday concludes our sermon series “Behold the Power of Jesus”. But today marks the beginning of events that lead us to that victorious celebration. If we think back to this past Sunday, Palm Sunday, we saw that Jesus entered into the city of Jerusalem triumphantly. As He did so he made some very bold proclamations. He proclaimed Himself to be the fulfillment of prophecy as He rode in on the colt of a donkey fulfilling the prophecy of Zecheraiah 9. He also proclaimed Himself as the sacrifice necessary for reconciliation with God…He taught that he must die, so that we could live through faith in Him.

Today (Thursday) during Holy Week Jesus gathered with His disciples for a meal, the last supper. As they ate he instituted the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper, breaking bread with them and drinking wine…one representing His broken body the other his shed blood. At that same meal He predicted His betrayal by one of the twelve. In a few short hours He would be arrested, betrayed by a kiss and the events of Good Friday would begin. A mock trial, false accusations, frightened leaders and ultimately a fateful conviction with a sentence of crucifixion. (there actually was no conviction and yet a sentence was imposed) He would be beaten mercilessly, mocked, cursed at and humiliated. His weakened body would be forced to carry the cross bar to Golgotha. (at least as far as he could carry it) Can you see Him there? A crown of thorns upon His head, the blood streaming down His face, His body bruised and bloodied and weakened from the beatings and all that had taken place. Then they raise Him into place and after a few hours upon that cross, bearing the weight of the sin of the world upon himself….he dies. His body is taken down and placed in a tomb.

Sunday comes and some women have prepared spices to take to the tomb. When they arrive they find the stone has been rolled away and the tomb is empty. A guarded tomb, a giant stone and some empty burial clothes! He is risen, He is risen indeed!! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has risen from the grave and overcome death and sin! The resurrection is the cornerstone of our faith. We find in all of the Gospel accounts and it is central to Paul’s writings.  On Friday night at 6.30 we will have a special Good Friday service as we gather together to remember the events that took place that fateful night, I hope you will join us for this special time of worship.  Then I invite you to make plans to join us Sunday morning as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. There are two opportunities to worship with us Sunday one at our Sunrise service at 7 am (followed by breakfast provided by the Men’s Brotherhood of the church) and then again at our Celebration service at 10.30 am. I hope you will join us and I encourage you to bring a friend with you.

He is risen, He is risen indeed!

Pastor Mike

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